TAIPEI After being stopped for a long time due to the pandemic, “Love Fun Taiwan” is coming back.
Love Fun Taiwan”, the lifestyle TV program that exploring the unique charm of Taiwanese culture now back with new performance by invited famous presenters from Philippines, Thailand and India as well as qualified newcomers from Taiwan to co-host.
The first season of the program has a total of 13 episodes. The full content started to broadcast on February 5, 2023 exclusively on TaiwanPlus. Taiwan’s only English-language channel and will be broadcast repeatedly on LiTV, Taiwan’s largest OTT platform.
TaiwanPlus is the first official English TV channel funded by the Government of Taiwan. It is a video platform for Taiwan to promote Taiwan’s national condition to international audiences with English news and audio-visual programs. This TV channel launched on October 3, 2022.
Taiwanese President Tsai Ing-wen during a press conference on the opening day of the broadcast said, “BBC in England and NHK in Japan are world-famous public media.”
They, he continued, also own various platforms including TV channels and websites that spread their particular views around the world. The President of Taiwan feels confident that TaiwanPlus will move towards this goal in the future.
It was also stated, “Love Fun Taiwan” was produced by the “Creation” team who had experience in international TV collaborations, and this program was completed in collaboration with major TV channels from three countries, namely CNN in the Philippines, TV5 in Thailand, and ZeeTV in India.
TaiwanPlus is an important part of the “bilingual national policy” planned by the Taiwanese government to implement by 2030.
President Tsai at the news conference also said, “Taiwan has many important developments that the foreign public should know about, especially about Taiwan’s popularity in the world, “ Taiwan has a unique international strategic position and a special international situation.
In the future, we will convey Taiwan’s views through TaiwanPlus and let the world hear our voices,” he said. TaiwanPlus is a multimedia that broadcasts regional events and information to the world in English.
Hopefully, “Love Fun Taiwan” will also attracted for Indonesian citizens living in Taiwan especially since there are nearly 300,000 Indonesian migrant workers and students working and studying in Taiwan. (By : Retno Intani /Red)


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